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Reviews Google Wallet Understanding and How to Top Up

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Reviews Google Wallet Understanding and How to Top Up will be discuss in this article, In an era that is now completely digital, sharing payment methods is slowly leaving cash behind. As one of the big companies in the digital world, Google has started to understand this need. For this reason, they present a digital wallet application called Google Wallet.Here are the reviews google wallet.

reviews google wallet
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Then, What is Google Wallet? What are the advantages of using this digital wallet? and how to fill or Top Up it? Relax, we will answer it through an article about

Reviews Google Wallet, Understanding and How to Top Up

Just like other digital wallets, reviews google wallet is an application made by Google that has a function similar to a wallet, it can receive money, store money and transfer money. So, users can make transactions in the form of virtual money online.

In addition, Google Wallet will record all transactions that have been made, such as receipts, proof of transactions, boarding passes, tickets, and other bonuses, which will be stored properly and safely. This system is almost the same as other virtual money services, which are both a means of receiving and paying money in every online transaction activity.

Apart from that, as reviews google wallet is also able to combine all accounts at various banks into one, because users can enter all account numbers in one Google Wallet database. All data is guaranteed security because it will be stored and encrypted on a server system with multiple layers of securityHowever, this service cannot be enjoyed by the people of Indonesia. For now, Google Wallet is only available to the UK and the US.

How to Use Google Wallet

Even if you live in Indonesia, you can use the Google Wallet service. The trick is to replace the address in Indonesia with another address in the United States. You just need to enter the page Then, change the address and country in the options, then select save or save. But, you can only enter a Bank account in the United States.

As reviews google wallet You can change this address if you have previously made payment transactions via Google Play only. In some cases, those who have never made transactions on Google Play cannot change their address position, so they cannot enjoy this Google Wallet service.

Apart from that, Google itself doesn’t seem to see the urgency to include the Google Wallet service in Indonesia. Therefore, if you want to buy an application or want to buy gems in a game, then you can do it via Google Play. Your Google Play account will automatically be linked with any Gmail accounts you create, such as Google Wallet. How to top up Google Play without a credit card.

How Google Wallet Works

Google Gift Cards

Google Gift Card is a virtual voucher that can be used to top up funds on Google Play or to buy applications online. This voucher will help you in making purchases via Google Play.

All funds that you exchange will later become a balance in your Google Play account. You only have to enter the various codes contained in the voucher, according to the nominal you purchased, then later the balance will increase automatically. With these funds you can buy the movies, songs, applications, ebooks and games you want. Thats the reviews google wallet .

Telephone Credit

You can also top up your Google Play balance by exchanging your credit balance. This method is classified as the easiest method to do. The reason is, you can simply change the payment method when you want to buy a game or application on the Google Play Store.

In reviews google wallet, for now, the cellular operators that you can use to top up your Google Play balance are XL/Axis, Indosat, Telkomsel and Smartfren. Just like the Google Gift Card, you will also be taxed at 10%. Then, the nominal money you spend via Google Play will deduct your prepaid credit or will be included in your postpaid bill.

Pay with GoPay

In order to pay via GoPay, you must first have a GoPay balance in your GoJek application account. If you don’t have GoPay yet, you must first have a GoPay balance in your GoJek application account.

As reviews google wallet , if you already have a GoPay balance, you can directly enter the Google Play Store application, then enter the Payment Methods menu, Add Gopay, and enter your GoPay phone number, and wait for the OTP SMS. Continue by entering the OTP code and proceed according to the instructions.

Buy at Tokopedia

You can also top up your Google Play balance directly through the Tokopedia application. To do this, please enter the Tokopedia application and select all categories. Select the game voucher, then tap the Google Play voucher code and enter the amount you want. Continue with the payment via bank transfer or other payment method.

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