How to setting a blog

How To Setting A Blog

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How To Setting A Blog is an article that explain and review how to setting of a blog in the the settings are for a blog that has self hosting

Actually setting a blog in self hosting is not difficult but also is not easy. we must know the step of setting a blog.

How To Setting A Blog : First

We must determine the topic of the blog. the blog that we will build discuss about what? maybe about sport, politics, education or other topics.

How To Setting A Blog
How to setting a blog

After we have topic of the blog, we must buy domain of the blog that reflect the topic of the blog. example : if the blog discuss about sport, we must buy a domain that reflect sport topic. such as, or other domain name that reflect the topic

We can buy domain name in domain providers such as or and other domain providers. first we must have sign up an account in the domain provider before we can buy the domain name. you can see the dashboard in the picture below

how to buy domain name
domain provider dashboard

After we buy domain name, we must have domain hosting. we can subscribe domain hosting in domain hosting providers. such as or or digital ocean cloud or other domain hosting providers.

You must connect your credit card account or paypal account in order to buy a domain name. and to pay the annual subscribe fee if you extend the period of the domain name. the period of the domain name minimum a year.

Second, How To Setting A Self Hosting Blog

A Self Hosting blog is a place that your blog data, your blog traffic on it. the size of your hosting blog depend on your blog needs. usually, if we build a new blog, you just need a little space of the hosting blog. after your blog traffic increase your must enlarge the space of your hosting blog. because if we increase the space of the hosting blog related with monthly subscribe fee of hosting blog. in other words, we must pay the monthy subscribe fee of hosting blog higher than previously.

I will explain how to setting a self hosting blog in Digital Ocean. here are the steps

how to setting a blog
digital ocean hosting provider
  • Second, we must klik create droplet in digital ocean.
  • Choose or click Ubuntu and data center server
  • After that, Choose your Hosting Plan. shared cpu or dedicated cpu. in my opinions, in the beginning, you must choose the basic hosting plan, shared cpu and choose subsribe fee 5 USD/a month
how to setting a hosting
Datacenter Region Server Digital Ocean
how to create droplet in digital ocean cloud
Hosting Plan in Digital Ocean
  • After you done all step, in your digital ocean dashboard, you will see the IP server number such as
  • you must connect your credit card account or paypal account with digital ocean account in order to pay the monthly subscribe fee.

Third, How to connecting domain name with the hosting or server

After you have a domain name and a hosting blog, you must connect your domain name with domain hosting. in order to connect them you must have a control panel. you can choose the control panel that you are familiar. because the hosting is digital ocean cloud i suggest to use serverpilot

Serverpilot is a cloud service for hosting wordpress and other PHP website on servers at digitalocean, amazon, google and any other server provider. here are the step

  • first, you must sign up
  • After that you must klik Connect Server
how to connect domain name with hosting
Connect Server in the serverpilot dashboard
how to connect server in the serverpilot
connect server in the serverpilot dashboard
  • After connect server, you must create Apps in your server name in server pilot
how to create app in the serverpilt
create app in serverpilot
  • If you make an apps in the serverpilot. You must fill box domain name with your domain name. You can choose in the apps that your domain will php project or wordpress project. In other word, you can set in the serverpilot

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