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How To Play Minecraft For Beginners

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Have you installed Minecraft? But still don’t know how to play Minecraft, especially for those of you who are still beginners? Come on,learn with me.Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang and first released in 2011. This article will tell you how to play Minecraft for beginners.

How To Play Minecraft For Beginners
Minecraft Dungeon

Even though it has been more than 9 years, the enthusiasm of gamers to play this game has never subsided because there are many reasons why you should try Minecraft. So that you can play well quickly, let’s see explanation below.

Currently, there are tons of editions and spin-offs of Minecraft, including the old version and the new version, each with its own fans. Before you can enjoy the various versions of Minecraft, you must first know what to do when you first start playing Minecraft.How to play Minecraft for beginners?

Steps and How To Play Minecraft For Beginners

Those of you who are new to playing Minecraft may be confused about what to do when you first enter the world of Minecraft. Previously, ApkVenue had discussed how to play Minecraft Classic. Well, now let’s see, what things you have to do to survive in the world of Minecraft.

How To Play Minecraft For Beginners :Punching a tree

Although this point sounds strange, but starting your struggle in the world of Minecraft from scratch without any equipment means you have to make it yourself. For that, try walking to the nearest tree and hitting the tree until the wood falls. Don’t worry, your character won’t get hurt.How to play Minecraft? It is very easy.

Wood is the basic building block that you’ll use throughout the game, so collect as many as you can and then open your Inventory to turn logs into planks.After that, make a Crafting Table from 4 boards. This will also train your skills in playing Minecraft at the beginning.

Making equipment

After being proficient at making and using the crafting table, make a wooden pickaxe or wooden pickaxe.First, make a set of sticks and use them with a wooden plank to make a pickaxe. Use your pickaxe to collect stones that you can later turn into axes, hoes, spades, and swords.How to play Minecraft?It is very simple.

Making a house

Don’t be attacked by Mobs aka monsters that roam at night because you don’t have a home.

The best way to avoid this is to kill a sheep, using its fur and the wood you have available to make a bed.If you can’t find the sheep, try hiding in any room you can find.Collect various materials such as wood and stone as much as possible in the shortest possible time so you can quickly build a house.

Find food sources

Doing various in-game activities such as mining, running, jumping, and more will make your character hungry.Therefore,how to play Minecraftand look for food sources such as meat and fish, picking apples, or even rotting flesh from zombies. What matters is life. If your hunger level continues to decrease, the character will not be able to run and will eventually starve to death.

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Farming and raising livestock

Even though Minecraft is not a gardening and farming game, it is important for players to start farming and raising animals so that your food stock doesn’t run out quickly.

Make a small pond using a bucket and use a hoe to plow the grass blocks. Plant the seeds and wait for the wheat to sprout.

Also, start raising cows, goats, pigs and chickens. You can also raise other animals. Those are roughly 5 things that become important points if you ask how to play Minecraft for beginners.

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